A work in progress in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

As the party continues on the Rue Pigalle, things take a darker turn. Langevin knows how hard it is to create a true democracy. Is freedom something that can ever be truly obtained? What about free love? While the celebration is in progress, Phillipe brings news that the French Government under Adolf Thiers is making deals with one Otto von Bismark, chancellor of the German Empire. Together they are arming farm workers from the provinces and putting out all kinds of slanderous stories about the Commune in the media.

Cast: Mitchell Abidor, Pietro Gonzalez Joanie Zosike, Sean Shannon, Nanda Abella, Tony Lewis, Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs, Diego Brindis, Mark Skelly, Pietro Gonzalez, Jay Dobkin, Miranda Dobkin
Crew: Zoe Beloff, Nira Burstein, Donald Kelly, Erika Munro, Eric Muzzy
Musician: Hannah Temple
Find out more at daysofthecommune.com

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