This timelapse video contains the first-ever photos from alongside the edge of the Northern Lights, aka. the Aurora Borealis.

Captured at 100,000 feet using a modified GoPro HD Hero2 camera attached to a carbon fiber frame, this homemade spacecraft reached altitude using a helium weather balloon and also hosted other scientific instruments used to measure features of the Aurora.

According to the project leader, Ben Longmier, "We were measuring the plasma particle density at an altitude of 30 km, where the particle density is enhanced due to the presence of the aurora and high energy electrons streaming down into the magnetosphere."

Stay tuned for more about this project, and read more in the meantime...

Produced by:
Justin Gural / @JustinGural

Ground Timelapse by:
Justin Gural / @JustinGural
Canon 5D Mark II

Atmosphere Timelapse by:
GoPro / @GoPro
GoPro HD Hero2

"Plasma" written by Trey Anastasio, Tom Marshall and Scott Herman
Copyright Who Is She? Music (BMI).
Performed by Trey Anastasio Band
House of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ

[Note: this video also may feature the first-ever footage of the Northern Lights scored without the use of classical music. We're breaking all kinds of firsts, here. Rock n' friggin' roll.]

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