Bandung, West Java. Indonesia
After five month's collected the footage from our favorite spots like KPAD, Jatinangor UNPAD, Kiara Payung, and so on. Finally we decided that this is our time to launch it.
This video was took from December 2011 until April 2012. Many of our crew got injured at the time, from the small until the big one.

Aldo Kepank, Oki Adityo, Teuku Ikhsan, Yudha Akbar, Ario Trihatmojo, Kiki, Admiral Haj, Arief Nugroho, Fadel Ramadhan

Kepank, Yudha, Oki, Ario, Kiki, Admiral, Ican, Fadel

Terapi Energi - Saint Loco
Trembling Hands - Explosions In The Sky
Sunday - Bloc Party

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