17 years ago, I took a Hi-8 camera out on the slopes and videotaped the Ski Patrol in action, and then I edited the footage by patching the camera into my parent's VCR.

Skinny straight skis! Crazy jumps! Unnecessary Zooms!

Head back to 1992 with the ski patrol, and find out if it was possible to point a video camera at someone in 1992 without triggering a Wayne's World reference!

After digitizing the VHS tape, I cleaned it up just a little bit. Shortened it from the original 27 minutes. I tried to weed out the excess while preserving the authenticity and enhancing the Awesome!

I separated the tracks and re-mixed the audio - luckily my mixing abilities were limited back then, and my music and field audio were on separate tracks.

I replaced the music with cleaner versions, but I did not change the music. I toyed with the idea of using different tracks that more obviously represent 1992, but in the end I decided to respect my own decisions, and use the music I chose when I originally made the video.

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