RBSC.01 is an uncanny electromechanical apparatus
lingering between an improbable liturgical device, a stamping press,
a guillotine and a bread machine.

This 11 ft. tall kinetic sculpture is designed to produce a thin, round
unleavened wafer of edible bread and to stamp a logo on it. The logo
consists of an infinity symbol with the characters “CO2” and
“O2” at the two extremities of it, along the word “Vestigiality” on top.

Although it was intended to produce a wafer every 20 min.,
RBSC.01, in its first version, was able to produce
autonomously only one wafer, which is been eaten by its creator the
night of May 14th 2011.
Two weeks later the machine was dismantled and most of its parts
returned to their manufacturers.


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