During a masterclass, hosted by Sonic Acts XIV, 23 February 2012, Pauline Oliveros recounts some highlights of the development of Deep Listening, speaking of her article ‘Software for People’, the Sonic Meditations, generative systems, teaching at the University of California, San Diego, listening globally, performances in which environmental sounds became part of the performance, exclusive and inclusive listening (especially as relates to musicians).
She concludes by saying ‘The important thing, to me, about being a musician and creating new work, or creating as I perform, is to expand my own consciousness. That’s what the purpose of making and playing music is for me.’

Special thanks to Pauline Oliveros, deeplistening.org
Annette Wolfsberger of Sonic Acts, sonicacts.com
Vivian Wenli Lin of STEIM, steim.org for making this footage available to the Journal of Sonic Studies.

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