Frame is all 3mm cardboard, cut by my small army of highly trained termites.
Three 64mm EDFs, 30Amp ESCs, roughly 500g thrust/edf at 100% throttle. Hovers at about 55% throttle. As always the little camera mic doesn't capture the full experience of three EDFs roaring in an enclosed space. It's not the most efficient craft but it is quite a bit of fun and very agile!

This version 1 could be a lot lighter. The frame alone is about 250g. This version was made heavy for more crash durability. I was expecting a stable craft, but wasn't 100% confident given the poor performance of most EDF based multirotor craft I was able to find video of.

In general I'm pretty happy with it, it's the best flying EDF multirotor I've seen out there!

$20 x3 EDFs
$11 x3 ESCs
$15 x1 KK control board:

$20 for a decent servo, less would work with more complex linkages

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