After its launch in 2011, "Precious Food", our prospective program, had gone a long way: we operated dialogs, workshops, seminars, prospective research, prototyped interactive tool, reached youth, elders, on the topic that units all the participants: the Precious Food.

Over 20 engaged professionals, designers, chefs, students, engineers, artists, farmers, industrials, took a relevant place with their energy, motivation, creativity and empathy towards our food.

Julien Dossier, Bertrand Duplat inspired by local farmers and John Thackara input developed the Precious Food Map as beta version. Now it is submitted to the regional network with a great enthusiast.
Runa Klock, Marc Bretillot, Anthony Quinn and master students of KHIB created a performance/dinner to establish fundaments of food preciosity and the guests are still talking about it. Workshops, dinners mentored by Christel Eide has been done with youth to empathize the manipulation of food, dogma transmitted by Marc. Exhibitions of Jo Zarth with "Small business reconstructed" was very well noticed in the national press. The work of Siri Berqvam inspired all the visitors as well. Anthony Quinn designed a serie of plate with Figgjo inspired by Precious Food.
The program has been invited to transmitted its mantra to PIC NIC in Amsterdam, Food Design in Paris, etc..

We are happy to launch today the Precious Food Making Of, resuming we hope the nice experience it offered. Food is still precious, and now more people empathize this evidence.

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