Three axis repeatable motion is an outstanding thing. You might recognize similar shots from Frozen Planet or Planet Earth.

With repeatable motion, you can take multiple passes of the same scene and then layer them on top of one another in your editing software. Once lined up you may cross fade or cut between them. This creates a visually beautiful transition over time without having to shoot over that entire time. :) Think about fading between day and night or between winter and fall, or in this case, between a pristine swath of snow on our deck and a Japanese garden thing that my buddy Chris imagined and built.

We took two video passes, one of the clean snow, and the second of the finished product to allow the fading. Additionally we took a time lapse shot (shoot, move, shoot) sequence of the entire build.

All of these shots used exactly the same motion. We are learning a bit more about how snow doesn't offer the best tripod base, so the footage isn't perfect, but it is pretty darn close.

Look for how to videos on this and other repeatable motion techniques coming from the eMotimo lab soon. Another thing we might mention is that this entire solution will be available for about $1500 if you use the Dynamic Perceptions Dolly and the eMotimo TB3 as the devices. As you look at other solutions coming into the market, ask about the all in cost for their three axis repeatable motion control solutions.

Reach out to me at brian at if you have any questions!

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