Follow the continuing adventures of Director/DP Ruben Carrillo & Band Pro's Randy Wedick on their quest to capture the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, using the new Sony F65 & Leica Summilux-C lenses. This episode showcases the natural environments the crew worked in, the rainy climate of Kauai and the volcanic flows on the big island.
This production was designed as both a camera test and a workflow test. In addition to testing dynamic range, color fidelity and the camera's performance in extreme environments, the filmmakers also traveled very light and by necessity whittled the workflow down to it's bare essentials.

Stay tuned for Part 3 and also the online release of "The Journey of the F65", as well as future theatrical 4K screenings.
Many thanks to our supporters on this production: Sony, Leica, Leader, Anton/Bauer and OConnor. This video was produced by Vincent Ricafort in association with 4 Miles LLC.

Link to Episode 1:
Link to Episode 3:
Link to the Finished Film:

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