Sonnet 72 (Ode to Pi) rhymes with the first 140 digits of pi. It's part of, a collection of 154 sonnets in response to Shakespeare's sonnets, currently being published through Kickstarter ( If you like this video, share with your friends!

This sonnet is an experiment in synaesthesia. Why rhyme with pi? What's the relation between sound and number? What happens to our ears when we hear pi reinforce itself with repetitive numbers? What happens to our ears when we hear a poem reinforce itself with repetitive sounds? This sonnet explores these questions and more....

Sonnet 72

dreams number us like pi. runes shift. nights rewind
daytime pleasure-piles. dream-looms create our id.
moods shift. words deviate. needs brew. pleasures rise.
time slows. too late? wait! foreign minds live in

us! quick-minds, free-minds, minds-we-never-mind,
unknown, gyrate! neuro-rhymes measure our
minds, for our minds rhyme. crude ego-emanations
distort nodes. id, (whose basic neuro-spacetime rhymes),

plays its tune. space drones before fate unites
dreams' lore to unsung measures. whole dimensions
gyrate. new number-games donate quick minds &
weave through fate's loom. fears, hopes, digits, or devils

collide here—labor stored in gold-mines, lives, lightcone-
piles. fate loops through dreams & pleasure-looms....

Video Credits:

Poetry, Music, Performance, Editing - Joel Doerfel
Background Visuals - Dizzy Pete, "Generative Sphere," (used by permission)
All content in this video is either original, used by permission, or public domain.

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