Betty is a fictional character created by artist Edwin Kua under the UglyNakedMan universe. The character first appeared on the website (20 April 2012), and since then has appeared primarily on T shirt prints and skateboard decks.

Betty was born in Borneo to Richard Mason and his wife Sayori Nashida. It is stated that her father was an aspiring diplomat who eventually managed to gain his first assignment as an ambassador to an unspecified country. However, Richard and his wife had grown apart. Sayori had begun a series of extramarital affairs resulting in personal humiliation for her husband. Blinded by anger and humiliation, Richard killed his wife with his bare hands without realising Betty was hiding under their bed. As Betty witnessed the death of her mother, she vowed never to a part of Richard's life.

Running away from her troubled past and memory, Betty travels the world seeking mentorship and guidance. When she met Carlotta, she was given two sleeves of tattoo that would help her in her quest to seeking peace with herself. Though it is unclear what happened to Betty in her 5 year hiatus, Betty emerged much more confident and mature when she rejoined the Sisters in Ink.

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