River, a labrador and Australian shepherd mix is perhaps the most famous dog in the Florida Keys. A patron of popular bars and hangouts, she has earned her legend as the dog that will go to any length to retrieve all matter of slobber-covered sticks, balls, and even coconuts. If I were ever stranded on an island, I think River, just behind Bear Grylls, would be my second choice. When it comes to coconuts, she certainly is man's best friend.

Special thanks to Garl Harrold who let Adam Chasey and I borrow his dog for a day. To read more please visit: macstonephoto.blogspot.com/2012/04/mans-best-friend.html

Video production/editing: Mac Stone
Starring: Adam Chasey
Music: Queen "My Best Friend"
Equipment: Canon 5d mkii, Canon 24-105mm

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