This was a really hard 14 day edit, the timing of the story didn't work so we had to move everything which meant cheating a lot of sync shots.
There had already been a video for this track but the record company decided they needed a new one. NME were banging on about this track every week. One day i walked out of Poppy Films to see a car flying past with Wiz hanging out of the passenger window shouting "Mark, we got the BRMC video, call you later.

The live crowd footage is taken from my feature film Mutant Dog,
the concert was the Prodigy on the 1996 Breathe Tour, 2 nights at Wolverhampton.

Winner of the NME best Music video of 2002

Winner of the NME Video award 2002.

Director: Wiz
Producer: Phil Tidy
Editor: Mark Reynolds
DoP: Rob Hardy
Art Director: Annie Gregson
TK: Tom Russell

Live Footage : MAD DOG FILMS Mark Reynolds

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