Rushes MGFX Studio were approached by Buffalo Pictures, the production company behind ITV’s Doc Martin, to create the graphics for a one-off 60min documentary “Last Lemur Standing”, which follows Martin Clunes looking at the plight of the Lemurs in Madagascar and the current environmental situation they are faced with. Rushes had the pleasure of working with Director and Producer Dominic Ozanne, well-established for directing prime-time factual shows such as Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey (also for ITV1) and The Real No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency for BBC2.

Rushes Designer Barry Corcoran was given the brief to create map graphics in a ‘travel log’ style – first showing how Madagascar broke away from the mainland thousands of years ago, as well as five wide and close map animations showing where Martin and the team visited as part of their journey.

Barry won the pitch with some beautifully worked up map stills created in Photoshop, adopting the notebook style. From there 3D land masses were created, which Brad Le Riche animated and set camera moves for in Cinema 4D, giving a dynamic 3D space to the maps and reinforcing the viewer’s journey with the presenter. These were then composited by Barry in After Effects. A combination of old-style map textures and ink blotted text artwork with a fresh colour palette and 3D environment helped to give these graphics just the right balance of antique and contemporary feel, resulting in some stunning map animations which fit the style and tone of the documentary perfectly.

Product: Last Lemur Map Graphics
Production Title: Last Lemur Standing

Production Company: Buffalo Pictures
Director: Dominic Ozanne
Producer: Dominic Ozanne
Line Producer: Ruth Cody

Post Production: Rushes
Producer: Louise Hussey
After Effects: Barry Corcoran, Brad Le Riche

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