A North Carolina string quartet with James Travis Creed and Billie Karel raises its voice against Amendment One


"Just outside the frame of the video, I am rocking my 3-month-old daughter with my foot while we play. I am taking a stand against Amendment One because I want Nora to learn that the best weapons with which to fight intolerance and fear are beauty and generosity of spirit." --Karen Strittmatter Galvin

"Working in the Arts has opened my eyes and torn down walls. The people I love come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. I am happy to do my part to ensure ALL North Carolinians can live their life as they please and be happy. I am thankful to have such talented friends and honored to play a small role in making my state a better place to live." --James Travis Creed

James Travis Creed - vocals, guitar
Billie Karel- vocals
Karen Strittmatter Galvin - violin
Maria Evola - violin
Peng Li - cello
Amy Mason - viola

Song by Laurelyn Dossett
String Arrangement by Karen Strittmatter Galvin

Audio Engineer - Dwight Robinett
Video Production - Myriad Media
Editor - Arthur Ryel-Lindsey

Special Thanks to Mike Edwards

On May 8, 2012, North Carolina voters will see on their ballots:

[ ] For [X] Against
Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized by this State.

When the 8th of May is come, let's vote against amendment one.

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