Avail is a non-profit ministry in Birmingham, Alabama, that seeks to alleviate houselessness in order to assist individuals in living to their fullest potential while in the houseless season. Lydia and Jim are featured in Avail's overall promo video; this is their story in more detail.

Lydia and Jim Young are a married couple who have lived on the streets of Birmingham, AL for many years. While being a houseless married couple is not an easy task, Lydia and Jim have continually shown perseverance and determination to love one another even in the hardest of times. Through not only their love for one another but for anyone who is new to houselessness, Lydia and Jim bring a sense of home to the streets. The change that they bring shatters stereotypes of individuals who are houseless and strengthens the houseless community.

Since filming, Lydia Young passed away from pneumonia that she contracted while houseless. While we have lost a dear friend, we hope that her story may enlighten and encourage all who watch to become active in assisting to alleviate houselessness.

This video was produced by Lantern Vision © 2012.

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