Wedding days are not just a ceremony. They are a story. Black Label Films is not just a videographer. We are storytellers. We are always looking for naturally occurring events during the day that we can use to tell a unique story of the couple and to really show their personalities.

Kyle is bit of a bad boy with a really big heart. Hallie is calm, soft-spoken and just pretty much pure class. I think this comes across pretty well in the film! I loved working with them and sharing in the laughter on their big day.

One of the things that I love to do in my films is to choose footage in order of it's emotional impact and not necessarily in strict chronological order. This practice used commonly by filmmakers, called "timeshifting", is one of my favorite elements of telling a story in a compelling and powerful way. For example you will see that the very end of the film is a little bit of the groom getting dressed. I created and placed this small sequence purposefully as a mini-portrait of the groom while he is speaking to his lovely bride about the meaning of the word "love", during their reception.

If you look close you will see many elements of our beautiful city of Portland in this film: The Nines hotel, Little Big Burger, Tender Loving Empire, the new chapel at Abernethy, and more.

This is our first film of the 2012 season, it was shot on March 24th. This film is a Highlight film meant as a bit of a teaser...the couple are currently picking out their music for their longer film!

Special thanks to Craig Flood and Mwawi Mfuni for their assistance in being part of the Black Label Team that made shooting this film such a success!

Song "All This Time" licensed courtesy Songfreedom.

Filmed exclusively on DSLR cameras and shot on location at The Nines Hotel and Abernethy Center. Thank you SO much to the staff at these venues for accommodating our film crew and making our jobs just a little easier!

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