"Ez valami csodálatos! felemel, felkavar, a felhők közt lebegsz, mint az a selyem sál, átérzed a gyengédséget, az intimitást, érzed a szelet, a boldogságot, a szeretetet. köszönöm, hogy megmutattad. olyan finom rezgéseket tudsz közvetíteni, ami már-már hihetetlen! " Gulyás Réka

It's a long story. :)

... then last year, Gronya wrote me an email. I got know her from Barbara & Mark's wedding. Gronya is one of the most cheerful and amazing girl, I have ever met. With Nic, they create a beautiful, charming couple. During the whole party, I just could not stop capturing the moments when they were dancing and having fun together! I was so influenced by them, I loved it!

Gronya sent me the music, I used in the clip, she calls it "love-song". I have to confess, that was the first time I heard about Lana Del Ray but I was fascinated about the mood of this song. It inspired me a lot, I was quite sure that, creating a unique concept , I will make the clip.

Succeed! :) At that time, I had no idea but this year in March, I was clear about the concept... It was hard to explain writing them hundreds of emails but when we met at the first night, after a bottle of Kadarka, I will never forget what Nic told me: "I trust you, as you want." and from that moment, I couldn't wait to edit this clip. :)

I told you Nic hundred times but I am telling you once again, I can't describe how grateful I am that you let me to create this film for you.

Köszönöm :)

Roland Mihalszky
Helga Petra Mihalszky

Roland Mihalszky

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