Wildbirds & Peacedrums play A Room for London on 26 April 2012

Wood, metal, glass, water / coins, nails, stones, ink + the wind.

We wanted to really use the sounds of the boat in our piece. We recorded ourselves hitting and patting it (using mainly the wood) and mixed them with the metal and glass objects we had brought along. Contrasting. Together making a whole. Then off-course: splicing it with some water.

We chose to only have one single microphone for the recording, placing it in the middle of the room, catching the live feeling of the sounds and the resonance of the room. We had done some pre-work on some of the song structures in the week before the performance, but during the - less than 27 hours - stay in the boat before the actual show we also (except for sampling, sleeping, looking at the view, eating dinner , breakfast, lunch, having a short walk, talking, writing in the log-book, having some wine) did some improvisation that later became two pieces, no. 3 and the beginning of no. 5. Mariam wrote the lyrics while staying on the boat, all based on the observations she made. There was howling wind, a rainbow, sounds from the street, the colours on the buildings during night-time, and the chance to spy on the city and people crossing the bridge with a pair of binoculars...

The still-lifes in between the musical sections are symbolic reflections of the River Thames, floating just below the boat. The sounds accompanying them are also live-recorded, coming straight from the outside of A Room for London.

This was made as a piece for the boat, to be performed inside of it and in London.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums
April 2012


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