Czech documentary filmmaker Helena Třeštíková talks about her latest film Private Universe that follows 37 years in the life of an ordinary Czech family. International premiere at the 2012 Hot Docs.

Private Universe (Soukromý vesmír) is an epic story of a Czech family over the span of 37 years. This documentary follows the lives of Jana and Petr and their family since the birth of their first child Honza throughout the years of a political unrest and social changes that has stricken Czechoslovakia and consequently Czech Republic, during the last three decades. Honza, the central character of the movie, is a bit of rebel, who smokes pot, drops from school, follows the punk movement, and later relocates to Spain where he works as a dishwasher. By combining archive TV footage and using the family’s private video recordings, Trestikova was able to put this story in to much wider context and paint not just a family portrait, but also the portrait of a country.

Private Universe - Czech Republic, 2012, 83 min, 35 mm, Longitudinal, Personal View, Social Issues
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