Knoodle is the social learning platform for your company that helps your employees learn faster and do their jobs better, and it's now available for you to install on your Google Apps domain directly from the Google Apps marketplace.

You can now extend the value of your content in Google Docs and even YouTube to create and share dynamic presentations that can be used in a variety of ways, from corporate communications and product demos, to online training and certification programs, to interactive social learning communities.

Using Knoodle with Google Apps not only gives you and your team the benefit of easy access through Google's single sign on feature, but also extends Knoodle's content authoring and publishing capabilities to take advantage of the integrations with Google Docs and YouTube.

Knoodle makes it easy to combine slides, video, audio and images from your Google Docs and YouTube into a more engaging multimedia presentation in Knoodle. Once you import your presentation into Knoodle, you can create a timed slideshow and even add a voice recording to your slides. Or you can synchronize it with a video from YouTube for a media rich Knoodle presentation. You can share your presentation with the world on YouTube, or save it back to Google Docs.

You can also gauge the effectiveness of your presentations with Knoodle's built-in tests and surveys, real-time analytics, and with comments and ratings from your viewers. With Knoodle, you'll have a complete feedback loop to help you understand viewer engagement, knowledge retention, and training effectiveness.

To install Knoodle on your Google Apps domain, simply go to the Google Apps Marketplace, search for Knoodle, and click "Add it now" to try Knoodle for free.

We hope to see you Knoodling very soon.

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