This was a project I never ended.
I wanted to shoot a kind of doc about my family & friends, traveling from Berlin (where I live) to the north of Italy sharing a ride with two strangers. This straight edit (stredit) is the summary of 9 days spent visiting my double family, my friends, my ex girlfriends and the places I used to like.
Through this bright idea of the "stredit" I finally found a way to tell my trip.

These are the rules for straight edit:
1. Use every clip you took during a specific event.
2. Keep your clips in chronological order. (all the clips you shot, without trashing)
3. Trim your clips to showcase the very best parts.

The first song is "Discipline" by Nine Inch Nails ( from the Vimeo Music Store

The second is an accordion medley the neighbor of my father played for us.

Hope you enjoy!

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