HOST SKULL MODULES 05: Utopia/No Place
Performers: Jessica Behning, David Bernabo, Brandon Masterman, Katie Rodrigues, Anna Thompson. Additional sound by Taylor Knight.

Host Skull presented the fifth MODULES performance at the Hear/Now Festival at Kelly-Strayhorn Theater on April 14, 2012. This footage captures the back of the stage.

The piece is structured into five short movements.
1) Module: Thunderclap - each performance reacts violently to a "thunderclap" sound, eventually slowing over a set duration as the body tires. Duration set to 3 minutes, one minute for each thunderclap. (video edited)

2) Module: Free Time - Performers have free time to perform any action. Duration was set to 1 minute.

3) Module: No Place - Text/script informs performers on what actions they should do. Duration set to 5 minutes.

4) Module: Free Time

5) Module: Trio - Dancers perform in trio.
5) Module: Duo - Musicians perform in duo.

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