This short film documents my journey to participate in the global premiere of the film "One Day on Earth" in Melbourne, Australia.

I was first contacted by One Day on Earth, back in August 2009. I had various plans for what to film for the project on 10.10.10, including a peice themed on energy, then I switched to water, and then after becoming involved with Project Horus in Adelaide, I had hoped to obtain footage from "near space" to contribute to the project. The Project Horus flight ended up being cancelled due to the weather (and an unfortunate incident on the test flight the day before - see In the end, I went out with the goal of simply documenting things that made my city and home unique. My finished film and collected footage can be seen here:

Considering the huge number of people contributing to the project, I never considered that I would ever actually get any images I collected into the final film. However, I was to be surprised about 6 months ago when I was told that something of mine had been included.

This was then the catalyst for what you now see here. I wanted to see what had been used, no matter how short. As there was no premiere screening being held in my home city, I hit upon a plan to drive to the nearest location that was participating. 735km later, I arrived in Melbourne, and sat in Federation Square with other hardy souls (considering the rain and thunderstorms that hit 30 minutes before it was due to start) and participated in the global premiere of this amazing film project.

So, here is the conclusion of my first "One Day on Earth 10.10.10" journey. As the project is continuing for 11.11.11 and later this year 12.12.12, I'm sure more fun is on the horizon!

Music: Jahzzar - "Comic"
Licensed under Licensed under
Available from

Camera: iPhone4S (timelapse) with a couple of shots from my Panasonic GH-2
Editing: iPhone App "Miniatures" + Adobe Premiere CS5.5

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