This is my personal work for Academy of Art University Spring Show 2012. I almost spent time to find a value for stabilizing particles having high viscosity value like 1k to 4k. Actually grid based particle is much more faster than the std particle, but the grid cannot generate particle based UV such as waved chocolate in this shot.

I set up camera and objects for camera projection in Maya, and then I exported them to Nuke. I think the benefit of re-build of camera projection in Nuke is enable to adjust the colors in real time flexibly.

My friend, Shi-Kuang Lee newly composed a great BGM for this shot.

[Special Thanks]
Amin Eftekhar (RealFlow Script)
Jairo de la Vega (Help Nuke Composition)
Toshihiro Nakamura (Help Color Correction)
Shi-Kuang Lee (Music & Sound Effects)

Cream layers Realflow viscosity (
chocolate layers RealFlow high viscosity test (vimeo.9746636)
By Yuval(pixelpro)

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