'Skipping ROPE' is a videographic assemblage of all the edits in Alfred Hitchcock's 1948 ROPE, together with adjacent dialogue. You can see and hear more about this project here: framescinemajournal.com/article/bonus-tracks/; see a version of it with an explanatory audio commentary track here: vimeo.com/44572446; and you can read more about it, and about Hitchcock's film, here: filmanalytical.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/on-hitchcocks-rope-and-blackmail-or.html. Finally, there are lots more videographic studies of Hitchcock's films here: filmstudiesforfree.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/audiovisual-alfred-hitchcock-studies.html.

The above video essay was made in support of the "For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon", May 13-18, 2012 (facebook.com/pages/For-the-Love-of-Film-The-Film-Preservation-Blogathon/269318823764). This year, this Blogathon will raise funds to finance the online streaming of, and recording of a new score for, THE WHITE SHADOW (1923), directed by Graham Cutts and with everything else done by Alfred Hitchcock.

Please support this cause generously: npo1.networkforgood.org/Donate/Donate.aspx?npoSubscriptionId=1001883&code=Blogathon+2012. Thank you.

Also see: "Garden of Forking Paths? Hitchcock's BLACKMAILs" - vimeo.com/38314698

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