My animation was created according to the electronic music "leap2" from VEKTORMUSIK (DK), -- . the style of the music is electro, ambient, home-listening etc. I wanted to animate it in the music way since the music is a very big part of this animation, it's like 1 main track and many other tracks. There are many interesting sound effects in the music, so I used those sound effects to imagine and created graphics and then animated them in case to let the image follow the sound effects.
I used "illustrator","flash" and "after effects", and the animation is supposed to be funny and weird style, maybe a little bit sexual as well , lol. It's like you never know what would happen in the next second since there are many different elements in the animation, oh well, I hope I made it.
No real stories in the animation and it's kinda abstract.
It started in Sep. 2011 and ended in Apr. 2012, and thank god it's finished. =)
Thanks to all the ppl who supported me, thanks to Mr. Si for giving many nice suggestions ,thanks to Johnathan for bringing me the music and inspiring me of Mr. Smilely , thanks to Brian for the upload thing, and big thanks to VEKTORMUSIK!! LOVE to you guys.
Hope you enjoy "leap2" then. =)

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