La Valse Botanique ('The Botanic Waltz') is a short silhouette animation of how plants and flowers try to impress a bumblebee and its passenger. All characters and flowers are papercut and animated in stop motion.

story & design: Graça Brohm
music written by: Gerard Brohm
music by: Trio Misto (accordion: Hans Sparla, guitar: Paul Hagenaars, contrabass: Gerard Brohm)
production: Coert Buiting
post production: Apvis
thanks to: Trio Misto, Carsten van Berkel, Thijs van Vuure, Eva Wolfs, Rein Schoondorp, Friso Blankevoort, Hester Zuidema

Shown at Floriade 2012 World Horticultural Expo, Venlo - The Netherlands



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