Jakob's third official music video of his 4th track on his album "Greetings from Outa Spaze" -- enjoy "Emmet Waltz".
Special thanks to:
Leonhard Kätzel (cinematographer)
Videogruppe (equipment)
Kvapilovi (design)
Also thanks to all who supported me to make this video.

You can buy the entire album (5 €!) on bandcamp:
Watch his first video - "Introducing":
Watch his second video - "Behind the Wind":
Sing along:

when the night comes, we're waltzing till the break of dawn
my butterfly love, no one could understand this all

I see the towers of the emmet world
we're moving to a place where the bug controls

I paid with my life but now I'm free from all
I killed my wife, Hurley I used to be called

she flaps away with a mason bee
how could she do this all to me

while we're waltzing through the night
yes we're waltzing through the night

scamp'ring around, retaining all the precious gifts
vermin came out, prepare for the morning shift

if I would be here I knew there's a lot of work
staking the thoughts of freedom till the murk

I fight the towers of the emmet world
I must come back to my own real world

see my eyes wandering through the night
when I am waltzing through the night

Kind regards,
Lester Dudit

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