Although we'd seen several videos showing off what the 5DMkIII could do in low light, we hadn't seen any direct comparisons between the two, which we thought would be a lot more interesting for those who own a MkII and were looking to upgrade to the MkIII.

Throughout each of the tests, we wanted to keep the exposure the same, so as we increased ISO we compensated with shutter speed. The shots on the slider were shot with the Canon 16-35 F2.8L, the rest were shot with two Canon 24-70 F2.8Ls and two Canon 70-200 IS II F2.8Ls. Cameras were set to Stu's recommended 'flat' profile in camera (, no post grading / sharpening was applied.

I'd now be very comfortable shooting at 3200 ISO on the MkIII, and depending on the final medium, 6400 ISO could look fine too.

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