Honeybees are very misunderstood. Commonly feared for what is simply their self defense against giant flailing arms, they are actually extremely calming creatures that create something so miraculous and delicious. These passionate workers are disappearing everyday, a heartbreaking fact called Colony Collapse Disorder. Since last fall, I have taken it upon myself to give the bees a better name and help their ever dwindling population thrive by becoming a beekeeper. I am simply a facilitator for their constant flawless work. For more, visit my blog at birchnbees.tumblr.com/

to learn more about the bees, PBS is a great source to start pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/silence-of-the-bees/introduction/38/

thanks for watching! And please spread the word and help give bees a better name :)

~ Kirby

music by Explosions in the Sky
Narration by Kirby Engelman
filmed in Northfield, IL
April 2012

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