This is a tribute to a man a myth a legend.

Josep Guardiola is the ultimate Barça boy, he grew up loving the club, he joined the youth system at the age of 13. He became famous when he as a 15 year old ballboy entered the pitch to celebrate with his hero. He got promoted to the first team and became a vital player in Cruyff's "dreamteam". He later became captain before leaving the club with tears in his eyes in 2001. Pep returned to coach the clubs B-team in 2007 and took over the first team in 2008. During his first season Guardiola's Barça would win six titels and before he announced that he was leaving the club in 2012 he had helped FC Barcelona to not only win 13 major trophies but also made them the best football team in the history and changed football and the view on the sport forever.

This video takes you through Josep Guardiola's Barcelona times! It's impossible to make a video that is worthy enough for this Man, but I've done my best.. so here it is, enjoy it!

Gràcies Pep, I will never forget what you've done for Barça and football.. and I will never forget the joy you've made me feel and the tears of happiness, the last five years with you have been the best I lived! Gràcies!

Twitter: @AlexandraJonson

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