This is from the April 24, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut!

00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks

00:00:28 Making A trapezoid; Bryan demos a couple of ways to do

00:07:32 Making Nested Shapes; Bryan demos a couple of ways to do; also see Julie’s written tutorial on the MTC_Tuts Yahoo Group

00:31:40 How to Reverse the order of objects on a single layer (NOTE: this only works if the objects are all on one layer)

00:39:28 Using the Knife Tool in Node Editing to split an object in ½

00:41:55 Cutting a “curved cut” out of an object

00:45:45 How to make a round vault door with “spokes” evenly spaced around it; Bryan demos a couple of ways to do it using the rotation tool and wrap object to path

00:55:20 How to make a curvy or rick rack lattice. Bryan and Andy toss around some ideas, not sure what is being asked for (see also further discussion @ 01:32:57 with better example)

01:05:30 User trying to create a tri-fold card but the pattern calls for paper larger then she has and wants to know how she could create a cutting file that will cut into two pieces and then glue them together

01:11:30 Making a template to etch the bottom base of a wine glass

01:27:00 Sue asked ? regarding resolution calibration but Andy and Bryan not sure what is being asked; then have general discussion regarding cutter calibration. (See also 01:45:57 where Sue explains what she is talking about)

01:32:57 Return to Rick Rack or Curvy Lattice Discussion; Andy gives a demo on how to create rick rack using the Bezier and Snapping Tools)

01:40:30 User asked about knowing the “print order” or “cutting order”; Andy explains difference and how to check (Use FilePrint Preview to see how it will print; Use Ctrl, Shift, X to see how it will cut; cutting order is inside shapes first and then cuts left to right) Use layers to help adjust the cutting order by cutting one layer at a time

01:47:57 Back to Sue’s question regarding registration calibration for her cutter, her problem is if she wants to adjust the width but not the height, if she changes the width it is automatically changing the height; Andy said it should not be doing that he will look into. Not none of others having that problem

01:48:30 General Discussion of having letters the same size no matter if upper case or lower case (was an issue in prior versions of MTC, MTC 4.1 fixed the issue) Also general discussion about weeding vinyl

01:57:00 Texture format, is there a better type image then another (Andy said no, size is the key element recommends no larger than 250 in size)

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