FUTURA - 12 visions of the legendary font

Under the direction of Michel Wlassikoff and in the class of Bernard Baissait "typography in usage", the 4th year graphic design students of ESAG Penninghen, Paris, were invited to develop a reflection about Futura. Michel Wlassikoff published in May 2011 a book about it (with Alexandre Dumas De Rauly) which stood the role of basis for this research led by the students about the history, the shape, the uses of this modernist font. Then they presented a work, solo or in group, with a total freedom about the choice of medias.

Under the supervision of :
Michel Wlassikoff / Bernard Baissait

Futura, le spécimen animé
Thibault de Fournas / Chistopher Wilson

Mon Futura, No Futura
Alex Giordani / Karim Ansel

Le Banc Futura
Laurie Vidal / Daphné Aboulker

Mr O Futura
Éléonore Alcan / Nicolas Liberman

L'almanach du Futura
Marie Philippe / Caroline Fayçal

La Timeline
Adin Eli / Sheina Szlamka

Mrs Futura
Alizée Ayrault / Margot Falcy

F Magazine
Sophie Hanoun / Lorena Bolta

-3- Triple Rendez-Vous
Yann Pineill / Jade Lombard

Futura à la conquête du monde
Claire Dubosc / Alban Grosdidier

The Renner
Jean Rémi Agin / Marina Taleb / Mathilde Leduc

Michaël Sarcault

Global Video
Directors : Marie Philippe & Alban Grosdidier
Sound Design : Sophie Hanoun
Music :
_Introduction to Smooth - Smooth
_Signatune - DJ Mehdi
_Love's Dart - Django Django
_Herion - The Velvet Underground
_Waveforms - Django Django

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