Following up on its collaboration with French artist GREMS in ‘TAKE ART TO THE STREET’, SCOTT continues its impact on the city by bringing a touch of color with its urban SUB bikes – this time under the code name ‘COLOR YOUR CITY’. With its clean lines and minimalist design, SCOTT SUB aims at bringing out the color and joy from our cities. Above and beyond the aesthetic aspect, this line of urban bikes offers a comfortable way of getting around to everyone who prefers to pedal rather than drive—to the office, the market or simply for fun. Far from being satisfied with offering exclusive SCOTT technology at a very affordable price, the research team has designed this line for maximum functionality: its Urban Kit allows riders to customize their SUB with a range of luggage racks, kick-stands and fenders in a wide variety of colors.


Once again SCOTT surprises us with another webisode that brings bikes and art together in the city. Stop motion is used to enhance a fantastic script with animations and a variety of illustrations over an incredible heavy-metal soundtrack. Discover Brutus, star of the streets, in a tailor-made role.


Bad guys Staloneman, de Niroman and Seagalman, set out on their daily rounds accompanied by Brutus, their giant Chihuahua. Their mission: to enforce dull, gray austerity in their city. All of a sudden they see a cloud of color in the distance, heading their way. Alarmed, they decide to use their spyglass to get a close-up look at this potential danger. Uh-oh! A gang of mischievous practical jokers mounted on brightly colored bikes is barreling down the road to the city, leaving multi-colored chaos in their wake. A long chase ensues, and later there’s a duel—we won’t tell you who won, but we’ll give you a clue: Brutus betrays the cause.

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