Ok. So about that old beech tree... Did you really think that just because it's no longer standing in front of the South Church that it's been forgotten? Hardly. The wood is finding it's way to carpenters and crafters throughout the community. In this week's episode, we dropped in on our Good Friend, Micum Davis, as he was preparing select logs from the same tree for growing mushrooms... the edible kind. Apparently beech wood is exceptionally hospitable to growing shiitake and other gourmet mushroom varieties. Naturally, those mushrooms will end up in a big feast... we'll be sure to bring that to you as well (in about 6 - 9 months).

Dan Freund
Jeff Deck
Brian "B_Cap" Capobianchi
Jason & Selina
Chuck Galle
Phil Kliger

With appearances by:
Micum Davis
Giles Cooper

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