There was no reason not to go out with our bicycles that Friday. Inspite of mild and pretty cold winds along with rain speculations, the weather turned out to be perfect for us to stroll around the city. This Friday the cool dudes from ID Fixed decided that we were to take a new route to Kota Tua, it's a very oldskool route actually fo us riders yet the first to this particular critmass. And yeah we were so excited, it's always a beautiful place to visit. Kota translates to city and Tua means old, or in Dutch "Oud Batavia" ; used to be Jakarta's central business district back in the 1600's.

The ride was great, traffic was well, traffic. I personally was confronted by an asshole in a car who was driving pretty stupid trying to get through our bike convoy but it took him about 30 seconds until he gave up and eventually "surrendered". It's not about blocking the streets and doing some crazy ass traffic bombing, we're just trying to say "hey guys, let's share the road." Got a bit confusing at the finish point because it was so very crowded and the pack got split, but everything still went better than expected.

Prana Edka Endhito & Karfianda Suryoutoro

Karfianda Suryoutoro

"Young Turks" by Rod Stewart


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