Woodward Oklahoma April-15-2012
An F-3 Tornado strikes

Thirteen days after an F-3 tornado hits this tiny Oklahoma town I was on the phone with Jessica Webe,r a volunteer disaster relief coordinator, gathering information on specific items that families had requested. A list not yet filled by anyone.

Within hours a plan was in place that myself and 5 other members of Church that Matters in Sand Springs, Oklahoma would make the 189 mile road trip to fill the immediate needs of these families.

On this mission the Judah1 team consisted of myself, Stephanie Mc Ghay, my gifted photographer, and her son Dylan age 10 who is a part of a ministry called Gretchen's Friends.

Gretchen's Friends is ministry started by 8 year old Gretchen, who collects aluminum cans for recycling and raises money to help hurting children all over the world. She along with her 5 year old sister Reese and mother Alicia were all very eager to help.

5 families were blessed on this journey with diapers, specialized baby formula, clothing, car gas and food from the partners of Judah1 ministries.

Gretchen and her team purchased toys, shoes and clothing for 2 children who had lost everything in the storm with funds from her recent aluminum can drive.

My little missionaries helped me shop, pack gift bags, load supplies, deliver bags, pray and fund the days efforts.

In our travels I met a precious eleven year old girl Alexyss. After her mom shared the story of how their home took a direct hit and how miraculously, the 4 family members survived. Alexyss, after telling me more of her story and finding out that I was a missionary, immediately expressed her desire to join me on a mission trip. My heart melted as I saw her eyes light up at the thought of getting the opportunity to be able to help others. This girl who just 13 days before had lost everything in the world she had, was more concerned about helping others than herself. This is the true heart of a missionary!

Both the recipients and givers were BLESSED by this mission, and we give God all the glory .

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