This plane is very stable. I can hardly tell the difference between stabilization on and off. With my setup, it cruises at 7 amps and 25mph on a 4S system. I will be taking it to the desert in a few weeks for some long range flights. I'll probably put two 4,900mA 4S batteries in parallel for these flights.

I had a brilliant idea to launch with the motor off, then give it power so there is no chance of the prop hitting the launchers hand. That didn't work so well as you'll see at the end of the video. Subsequent launches with power worked perfect and no hands were injured. It really is easy to launch and I was able to do it myself on later flights.

I want to thank Dave (CaliDave) for launching and flying the chase plane and part of the ground footage. Also, thanks to Jeff for the rest of the ground footage.


Airframe: X8
Motor: Scorpion SII-3020-1110 (74amps, 1050 watts with 10.5X6 Prop)
Propeller: 10.5X6 Folding
ESC: Scorpion 90A V2
BEC: Castle 10A
Servo’s: Hitec HS-225MG
Pan Servo: GWS S125 1T Sail Winch Servo (360 Degree)
Tilt Servo: None
LRS: Scherrer long range (11.2 miles so far)
HD Cam: GoPro2
SD Cam: SN555
OSD: Eagle Tree
Batteries: Rhino 4900 4S 25C (Have flown with 2 in parallel)
Vid Tx: 1280Mhz 800mw
Vid Tx Antenna: Homemade iBcrazy Dipole
Vid Rx: Generic 1280Mhz
Vix Rx Antenna: Homemade iBcrazy Bi-Quad

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