Direction, choreography, editing: Maarten van der Glas
Dance and choreography: Anastasia Kostner
Music: Jerke van den Braak and Jasmin Hasler

Recreating motion from captured freezes enabled us to reverse the process of Laban movement analysis. Through the 12 points in space, Laban was able to define the directions of spatial motion. With photography as a tool we use the 12 point system to recreate movement.

Laban’s work with 12 locations in space influenced the whole dance scene to look at space in an icosahedral way.

The icosahedron is a harmonic polyhedron. Laban was looking at the harmony of space and tried to compose movement in a three dimensional space, using the model of the icosahedron.
Creating the dance material we used the idea of 12 points in space, directing the movement in specific directions, also influenced by a trajectory through architectural compositions.
Two magical creatures give expression to these dimensions, until they merge as two opposites which attract each other and finally form the icosedronic whole.

Shown at Camera West L.A. Dance Film Festival 2014

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