Saturday evening I was invited to join a group walk in our local forest - a forest that is slated to be cleared so I brought my camera. I wanted to test my trusted Nikkor 35mm 1.4 with my 5D. I used a shoulder mount and attached a H4n. There was no predetermined plan but a few people had some things they wanted others to know. It was a half day shoot and an easy day edit.

I mostly made my way behind the group as they toured the park like forest that they'd come to love. I pulled off a few interviews and did put together a quick edit that hopefully tells the story of another local forest held precious by the community and yet about to be 'nuked'.

Like so many of the trees of British Columbia the logs will most likely be shipped raw to China (where the value will be added and again shipped to destination worldwide) on tankers that have recently unloaded all shape of goods produced in China including the food we eat. Yikes! on all kinds of levels. Of course we can't produce these products for the same cost or profit/revenues -- like 1 lb bags of garlic for $7.00, peeled! and soon these same ships will be fuel by Cdn oil that will also be shipped to China through our precious waterways unrefined in order that the value can be added there and so goods can be shipped back to us. Mmmm, gotta wonder how this adds up!

Anyway, it was a pleasure to get out with my current favourite lens and camera combo : )

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