TP Partio is a plugin for Cinema 4D that will let you cache Thinking Particle particles, write them to disk, share them with other applications and read them back. It will let you take a snapshot of a current frame of your simulation and let it continue from there. It'll let you play your sims backwards, while you can scrub through them on your timeline.*

This functionality has been missing from Cinema 4D for some time now and it has been bugging me for a while. You can now finally scrub through your sims without having to re-simulate from frame zero. You could even cache cloner positions this way by way of a Matrix object. Or, the other way around, feed the cached particles into a cloner.

The video is a short demonstration - please keep in mind that this is still an early version... you can now find it at

TP Partio incorporates the partio library written and released by Disney Animation (, adapted to work within Cinema 4D.

*It is also an early release, so as a bonus feature, it will ocassionally crash too.

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