The student will create or select a section of preexisting footage and apply a complimentary, lower-third animation. Examples of lower third animations are commonly found on television news productions and documentaries.

Assignment steps:
• Find or shoot your own pre-existing 10-15 second footage.
• Design a 5-10 second lower third that reflects the tone/theme of the footage.
• Animate an entrance and an exit for the lower third
• Consider animating the lower third
• Lower Third Animation:

• To compliment an piece of footage and provide added information, such as a person’s name and/or title, location, event, date, etc

Rules to consider:
• Keep the animation/design subtle. Do not detract from the content.
• Keep the textual information inside the title safe zone.
• The most important information should be emphasized - ie on top, larger, etc
• Use a readable font. San Serif fonts work best for video. Use good contrast - ie light on dark, dark on light, etc
• Consider incorporating logos, illustrations or stock images
• Consider using subtle animation behind the text
• Consider the presentation - ie the entrance and exit
• The duration should be long enough to allow the text to be easily read
• The theme should compliment the content/footage

Additional project criteria:
• Place a 5 second title card at the beginning of your project, stating your name, project (Lower Third) and course number (COMM 497).
• Export the animation out of Adobe After Effects as H.264 video.
• Upload the final video to either Youtube or Vimeo
• Submit a link to the video via the I-Learn project submission.

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