This piece is a stop-motion film set to Alabaster dePlume's 'I Don't Know.' The song is taken from his forthcoming album, 'Copernicus,' which can be heard here:

A massive thank you to Alabaster for his beautiful support, Susan Toler for her massive input + continual inspiration + Gareth Batowski for listening to me + letting me verbally spew my ideas all over him.

The piece will be screened at the launch of his album, on Sunday 27th May in Manchester, where I'll be providing set design. Here is the event:

There's more information, here:

The Good Book of No

After the crater, Copernicus is named for the presence of an absence, on the moon’s face; a face timeless in beauty, that is made out of scars.

Material written in isolation in a cabin in Dartmoor, is performed with live improvisation, spontaneous choral backing, and theatrical poetic delivery set in a perfectly prepared musical bed. Sound and song serve to focus sharply on the point of lyrical delivery, in a word-based musical collection, reminiscent of Ivor Cutler, that has been described as "harrowingly funny."

With dramatic monologues punctuating blissfully lilting instrumental landscapes, Alabaster means to have his audience disgusted, and delighted, and as doubtful of the distinction between the two, as possible.

Producer Paddy Steer’s own compassion is audible, in his triumph in capturing tone, atmosphere, communication and character alike, on analogue tape. The fine piano accompaniment of John Ellis glistens throughout and elevates the somewhat unusual material from captivating to sublime.

A performance poet, singer, composer and saxophonist with Liz Green and Honeyfeet, Alabaster has extended the breadth of his skills into the comically bewildered depths of himself, in a hope to reach others, with a record crafted meticulously over a period of two years. With methods centered around the personalities of those involved, the resulting piece means to focus on the interaction of people in the creative process, of a work that has us consider our acceptance, and enjoyment, of the distance between one another.


Ríoghnach Connolly - Backing, Flute
Alabaster dePlume - Vocal, Tenor Sax, Acoustic Guitar
Ellis Davies - Electric Guitar
John Ellis - Piano
Jessica Macdonald - Cello
Hannah Miller - Cello
Biff Roxby - Backing, Bass Trombone
Paddy Steer - Percussion, Bass Pedals

Recorded at Limefield Studios (and Iron Mountain) by Paddy Steer, with John Ellis and Gus Fairbairn.
'Sorry' and 'As Once I Was' recorded by David Schelchtriemen and Gus Fairbairn

Mastered by George Atkins

Written by Gus Fairbairn, save 'O, Thou Silent Autumn Night,' by Alexandrov.
Arranged by Gus Fairbairn, save 'Song of the Foundling' arranged with Biff Roxby, and 'I Hope', arranged with Ellis Davies.

Cover artwork by Lee Gallagher
Portrait photo by Elle Brotherhood


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