2010 - 2012 Work selection. All done at 2veinte.com.ar

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In order of appearance

Psychic Land - Experimental Work - Animation Direction, Camera, Montage, 3D Animation and Compositing
Let's Face Symmetry - Experimental Work - Design, Compositing, Animation, Music Editing and Sound fx
UTV Action - Branding for TV Channel - Animation Direction, Design, 3D Modeling, Camera, Montage, Compositing, Lighting, Textures and Post Production
Tiempo Extra - Branding for TV Show - 3D Animation, Camera and Montage
Agencia Amor - Institutional Animation - 3D Animation
DJ Hero 2 - Game Intro - 3D Modeling, Compositing, Ligthing and Animation
Hispanic Heritage Awards - Video Walls - 3D Modeling and Animation
MTV Tr3s Pelis&PopCorn - Branding for TV Show - 3D Animation, Camera and Montage
MTV Joystickeros - Branding for TV Show - 3D Animation, Compositing and Textures
Smoby - TV Spot - 3D Modeling, Animation, Compositing, Textures and Post Production
MTV and Lenovo - TV Spot - 3D Modeling, Compositing and Animation
MTV and Coca Cola - TV Spot - Animation, Scientific Character Rigging, 3D Modeling and Post Production
Raccoon - Experimental Work - 2D Animation
Sony Spin - TV Spot - Montage and 2D Animation
MTV and Coca Cola - TV Spot - 2D Animation
Panda Express - Infographic Video - 2D Animation
Comedy Central - Network Reel for Latin America - 2D Animation

Signal - Mosaik - Siriusmo
123 - The plasterer of love - Siriusmo
Intro - Diskoding - Siriusmo
Outro - All the girls - Siriusmo

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