a film by:
Jon Minnihan
Gregory O’Connor
Ryan Staples
Mariano Puppo
Pascal Depuhl

Also known by Philip Bloom as "Team Death"

Music: Light at the End of the Tunnel by Kerry Muzzey TheMusicBed.com (themusicbed.com/Light-at-the-End-of-the-Tunnel-1050.php)

Thanks Daniel from TheMusicBed.com for letting us use this piece.

This was a group effort at the Key West Film Master Class put on by Philip Bloom and Nino Leitner and others.

We were tasked to go out and create an atmosphere film about something in Key West, FL.

The cemetery was an ideal choice since it was in a single location and with only one day to film we wanted to be able to capture a place without a lot of moving around the town.

We had a single day to film and then 3/4 of a day to edit and then a screening with the whole class.

The final piece that you see here has some additional post edits and color grading work to it after the class was completed.

For anyone thinking about taking one of these Masterclasses I can not recommend it enough!!!!, There was lots to learn from some of the best in the world and great new friends came out of the class.

Thanks Pascal Depuhl for being such a great mentor to our team!

Special thanks to Wayne Garcia for allowing us to film him in this piece.

Technical Info for the Nerds in All of Us
Shot on:
4x Canon 5D mk II
1x Canon 5D mk III
1x Canon 7D

Various Lens
50mm 1.4
70-200mm IS II
24mm 2.8
11-16mm Tokina

Additional Gear:
Kessler PB Pocket Dolly 2'
Kessler Oracle Controller with motor (for some shots)
Kessler KC Lite JIB
Various Sticks

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