In the fall of 2011, three NC State students made the connections and introductions they were looking for to embark on bringing a heart-felt, autobiographical poem to life—and to the big screen.

It all began with a story. Jurassic Parking Lot was an original work—an autobiographical poem of Tim's life growing up. Tim's poetry had always been well-received at readings and Windhover open mics around NC State's campus and Josh Bielick, Windhover audio editor and business management senior, began to take notice. A cold introduction and a few emails later and the conception for The Strong One" began.

Nicholas Sailer, a aspiring and tested filmmaker, writer and director and winner of last year's Campus Moviefest "Best Picture" at NC State, introduced himself to Josh Bielick, a passionate photographer, amateur filmmaker and music snob. The two both had the same interest in mind—collaboration.

As Nick and Josh set out to plan production and screenwriting for their February competition, Josh became captivated by the poetry readings by Tim Reavis at a literary arts open mic. "I've got to see this poem come to life," Josh thought to himself. A cold introduction and humble request to adapt Tim's work to screen led to the three getting together and planning the production for "Jurassic Parking Lot"—which later turned into "Dinosaur Youth" and finally, "The Strong One."

We were extremely lucky to have some fantastic talent casted by Nicholas Sailer for the film. The combined efforts of our production crew and cast certainly led to our success. We could not have done it without them.

We were fortunate enough to win Best Picture, Best Directing and Audience Choice award at the NC State CMF premiere and now the film will continue on to the International Grand Finale in Hollywood in June.

We're looking for some financial support to help us make the trip, represent the film, ourselves, the story, the characters and our school as well as make the most of an incredible opportunity.

What We Need & What You Get

We'll need about $2000 to cover 2/3rd of our trip expenses. This includes the follwing:

airfare (~$500 round trip per person)
hotel accomodations (~$147 a night)
transportation (minimal)
We'll raise the rest of the money ourselves and make each dollar afford as much as possible.
The Impact

Other Ways You Can Help

We're looking for a place to stay for one night in Hollywood/LA. That's three respectful, responsible college students looking for a floor to sleep on and a hot shower for one night of our stay in LA.

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