"1963 They Had A Dream" [documentary]

This contextual documentary was produced to accompany the YPTC musical "1963 They Had A Dream" in April 2009, shown in the foyer of The Cochrane Theatre to the audiences as they arrived. yptc.co.uk

Narrated by Prunella Scales CBE, it provided a context to the background of the musical, showing how the history and issues of London informed the show. Exploring the prevalent issues of the musical of immigration, integration and crime; it tracks the changes that society has made in Britain since the 1960s.

People who shared stories of their experiences including immigrants and second generation immigrants of various nationalities, notorious gangster Frankie Fraser and the YPTC cast and crew whose varied cultural backgrounds provided a rich framework for the documentary.

YEAR: 2009 / FORMAT: HD / LENGTH: 13,36 mins / GENRE: Documentary

Prunella Scales CBE

Patrick Moore
Gizelle Golebieski

Daniel D. Moses danielmoses.com

Alexandra Marsden-Jones
Daniel D. Moses
Robbi Stevens
Fiona Symes

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