Have you seen the bottles? You may have noticed dozens of bottles suspended between trees on campus.

Westminster College students of the Environmental Science cluster have installed a art sculpture in an effort to make a difference and raise awareness. The project is located on the large hill between main campus and the Field House and Track.

Suspended between four trees, this art project captures the idea that as consumers we produce hundreds of bottles per week on campus. Westminster's Owen Wagner feels that more students should utilize the campus water that their tuition has already paid for rather than purchasing these hundreds of bottles.

This sculpture aims to involve campus students, faculty, and staff. By placing empty loops on the structure, all are welcomed to get rid of their empty bottles by placing them in a slip knot and pulling it tight. Educators are also called to action and encouraged to involve their students in an effort to produce environmentally responsible adults. This structure will be on campus all this week through May 15 when students will deconstruct the piece and recycle all the bottles.

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